Terms of use and conditions of booking

Booking Terms

For the purposes of these terms ‘client’ refers to the person making the booking and ‘us’ refers to the property leaseholder, or his/her representative taking the booking on his/her behalf.

1.       Reservations can be requested by letter, e-mail or telephone, or on an official booking form provided by us, stating the bungalow and start/finish dates required. If accepted, that reservation will be held in the clients name for 7 days (unless otherwise arranged at time of request). We will confirm the booking upon receipt of a deposit totalling 30% of the full rental payable, or a greater amount if desired by the client.

2.       Unless arranged otherwise at time of booking, deposits paid (or 30% of the total rental due, whichever the smaller) are, non-returnable upon the booking being accepted and confirmed by us. Once we confirm a booking the client will be responsible for the total rental of the property. We therefore strongly recommend that insurance be taken out by the client to cover against cancellation and consequent loss of deposit and full payment. We also recommend that insurance should be taken out by the client to cover injury, loss or damage to personal possessions, including vehicles left on the premises, as no responsibility whatsoever can be accepted by us.

3.       Balance payments are required 21 days prior to tenure start date.

4.       In the case of bookings made less than 28 days from the tenure start date, full rental payment is required, to confirm the booking.

5.      Unless otherwise arranged, tenure begins at 2.30p.m. on the arrival day and end at 10.30a.m. on departure day.

6.      No more than the maximum number of persons stated by us may occupy each property, unless otherwise arranged with us.

7.      Children are very welcome but the open plan gardens and streams should be treated with care and respect. Parents must take responsibility for their children, who play at their own risk. Parents of very young children should be aware that some of our bungalows are located on streamside. Please check before booking if you require a non-streamside property.

8.      Cots (travel type) and highchairs can normally be provided. Please highlight your requirements when booking.

9.      Upon payment of a deposit (or full rental payable) the client shall be assumed as having read and accepted the ‘conditions of hire’ provided by us.

Conditions of Hire

For the purposes of these conditions the ‘client’ refers to the person making the booking and ‘us’ refers to the property leaseholder, and/or his/her representative taking the booking on his/her behalf. The ‘property’ refers to the specific bungalow(s) being hired by the client. The ‘term’ refers to the period between and including the start and finish dates of tenure by the client. The ‘site’ refers to the land known as ‘Rosecraddoc Lodge Holiday Bungalows’.

1.       The client shall be entitled to occupy the property for holiday purposes only and this agreement shall not confer on the client any security of tenure within the terms of the Housing Act 1988 pursuant to which the occupation shall be deemed to be by way of an excluded tenancy.

2.       The client will maintain the property and keep in a good and clean condition all of the contents and to replace, repair or cleanse any item(s) which become soiled, damaged or broken during the period of tenure. The client will be liable for any damage to the property or its contents sustained during the period of tenure. Any damage or breakages should be reported to us immediately. The client is responsible for ensuring that none of the contents of the bungalow are removed.

3.       The client will not do or omit to do anything on or at the property which may become a nuisance or annoyance to any other occupiers of properties adjoining or nearby premises or which in any way prejudice the insurance of the property or cause an increase in the premium payable therefore

4.       The client shall not assign, sublet, charge or part with or share possession of occupation of the property or any part thereof

5.       The client will not use or occupy the property in any way whatsoever other than as a private holiday residence for a maximum of the number of persons stated in the letting agreement

6.       A maximum of two dogs are allowed and very welcome in specific bungalows by prior arrangement. Please note however that we do request that dogs are not left unattended in the bungalow and that they are kept on a lead within the site grounds. There is a wooded walk just outside the site where dogs can run free. We also request that dogs are not allowed to ‘foul’ any part of the bungalows or grounds and that owners take responsibility for ‘clearing up’ any mess. We reserve the right to refuse some breeds of dog.

7.       We, the owners, cannot be held responsible for articles left at the bungalow. The cost of returning any such articles must be sent to us before we dispatch them to the client.

8.       Subject to the client paying the full rental due and performing his/her obligations under this agreement the client may peaceably hold and enjoy the property during the term without interruption from us.

9.       In the event of the property becoming uninhabitable for holiday use during the term, the client shall be entitled to a refund of rental paid in proportion to the amount of time of the term for which the property was uninhabitable, except where the property has become uninhabitable through the neglect of the client in respect to these conditions.

10.   Speed Limit – for safety reasons there is a 5 mph speed limit on site. Please help us to keep the children safe and observe this restriction at all times.

11.     A risk assessment document is displayed in each bungalow and clients are requested to read and adhere to the advice thereby given.

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