The Location – Rosecraddoc

Set in an area of rolling farmland at the foot of Bodmin Moor, Rosecraddoc Lodge offers you a peaceful and relaxing retreat with the sound of the River Seaton in the background.


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The grounds were once part of Rosecraddoc Manor until, in the early 1970’s, similar to other such places in Cornwall, areas were specifically developed to cater for the increasing number of holidaymakers visiting the county. The Manor still exists and can be viewed from footpaths in the nearby Rosecraddoc Woods which are well worth exploring during your stay. Unlike many other similar developments though, Rosecraddoc has retained its peace and quiet. There is a pub, The Village Inn, which serves good food as well as a range of beers, wines and spirits, but there are no noisy nightclubs or the like. This is a place to ‘get away from it all’.

All of the bungalows are privately owned and many are just used by owners, close family and friends. Only some are available for rent to visitors, so even in the high summer season it is unlikely that the site will be full to capacity.

The narrow River Seaton flows through the grounds of Rosecraddoc, adding to the relaxing atmosphere with its burbling background sound appreciated by many of our visitors.* It also helps to add to the wildlife of the area, with even a spotting of a Kingfisher. Geese can be heard over Rosecraddoc on their daily flights to and from the local Siblyback Lake, while owls roost in the local woods and can be heard hooting into the night.

The grounds are well-maintained by the resident landlord and his wife, who work hard keeping the lawns mown and all of the shrubs trimmed, as well as a thousand and one other jobs! Spring and early summer visitors are treated to the wonderful sight of Rhododendrons in full flower, along with the daffodils and many other flowers, lasting well into the summer season.

Some of our visitors spend much of their time just relaxing in the local surroundings, but most of course use Rosecraddoc as an ideal base from which to discover the many attractions of Cornwall and West Devon. Further information about the wider area ready to be discovered and enjoyed by young and old alike, is available on our page ‘Local Place to Visit’.

At the end of each day though it’s good to return to Rosecraddoc,with maybe an evening meal at The Village Inn, or even a barbeque and evening drinks at your bungalow.

* Please note: Children are very welcome but the open plan gardens and streams should be treated with care and respect. Parents must take responsibility for their children, who play at their own risk.  Parents of very young children should be aware that some of our bungalows are located on streamside. Please check before booking if you require a non-streamside property.