Ducks Ditty – Accessibility Statement

Our policy is to provide the accommodation as described, with specific needs and requests catered for wherever possible, at the same cost as our other similar sized bungalows at Rosecraddoc Lodge. In simple terms, we do not charge any extra because of the additional facilities provided for disabled users. We will however, pass on any additional cost of hiring equipment from approved agencies at the request of visitors.

Ramp to front door: Length from bottom to top is 4.3m. Gradient is 1:20. Width is 120cm except for right at the bottom where it is 90cm. Raised edge on open side is approx. 160mm. ‘Landing’ at top gives adequate turning area. There is no handrail. There is an outside light that lights the ramp.

Car Parking and approach to property: There are two allocated, and therefore unshared, parking spaces to this property. One (3.6m wide) immediately outside the back door (although the back door is not suitable for wheelchair access), the other (3m wide) to the side of the property. Both spaces are within 15m of the ramp and front door.

Internal and external doors: All doors in the property are in excess of 700mm width. The front door is in excess of 800mm and has a level threshold. All internal doors (except for access to washing machine/storage/meter cupboard) are ‘sliding’ rather than hinged. The door handles are pictured below. They are flush with the door surface and lockable. Some arthritic visitors have commented on difficulty with gripping the handles.


Access to facilities: The only ‘passageway’ in the property is from the kitchen to the bathroom. The width is 850mm. Either side of this ‘passageway’ is access to the double bedroom and to the storage/meter cupboard. Access to the £1 slot on the electricity meter is good, just inside the cupboard and below 1.4m from ground level. Access to the immersion heater switch is not so good, being at the back of the cupboard, not easily reached from a wheelchair. If you do not have anyone else with you please ask us to ensure that this is switched on for you before your arrival. All routes within the property are level and free from obstruction.

Double Bedroom: Adequate access to both sides of the bed (Wheelchair access on side nearest door only), although this will be reduced wherever the ‘mobile radiator’ is placed within the room by the visitor, if required. Firm bed surface at approx. 610mm from floor-level.  Pull-cord for main light is by the door, not above the bed although the bedside tables and lamp is provided on both sides of the bed have ‘touch-sensitive’ lamps. A chair is provided but it does not have arms. Built-in wardrobe with hanging rail approx. 1600mm from floor-level, may be slightly difficult to access for some wheelchair visitors. Full-length mirror fixed to wall, the bottom edge of which is approx. 570mm from floor-level.

Twin bedroom: Adequate access to one side of both beds, which can be moved to suit individual needs. Access could be reduced according to the positioning of the ‘mobile radiator’ provided. Both bed surfaces are approx. 600mm above floor-level. Pull-cord for main light is by the door, not above the bed although a ‘touch-sensitive’ bedside lamp is provided for beds. There is no wardrobe, but a mobile hanging rack, adjustable in height, is provided. Full-length mirror fixed to wall, the bottom edge of which is approx. 570mm from floor-level. A portable T.V. with remote control is provided in this room.

Single bedroom: This room is NOT suitable for wheelchair users. It is a small room, suitable for an able-bodied child or perhaps a ‘carer’. There is no clothes hanging facility, although there is a bedside chest of drawers and table lamp. There is also a bookcase in this room.

‘Wet’ Shower room: The shower room/toilet is immediately next to the double bedroom and within 10m of the other bedrooms. All walls and the entire floor are tiled. There is level access into the shower area. The wash-basin has lever taps with maximum 1/4 turn and a clear underspace (no boxing or vanity unit). A mixture of horizontal and angled ‘grab-rails’ are fixed to aid use of w.c. and shower. (See picture) Toilet raiser available on request. Electric shower with control panel, the bottom of which is 1.4m above floor-level. This is slightly higher than the recommended height but still reachable, even from a sitting position in the ‘shower wheel-chair’ provided.


Visitors are asked to take care when the tiled floor is wet as it may become slippery. Rubber mats are provided and while we recommend their use we also acknowledge that this may cause difficulty for wheelchair access.

Kitchen: All worktops, handles, power sockets, cooker hob, oven, grill, and switches are below 1.4m from floor-level for easy access from sitting position. Sink has ‘mixer’ lever taps with maximum 1/4 turn. A ‘cordless’ kettle is provided. All kitchen utensils are stored in floor-level cupboards, although one higher cupboard (inaccessible from sitting position) is also provided.

Lounge/diner: A dining table with four upright chairs (no arms) is provided. A two-seater sofa with arms and two armchairs are provided. There is a T.V. with remote control.

Should you need to hire a hoist or any other equipment to help your visit you may wish to follow this link to H.S.C. Mobility who will deliver items to Ducks Ditty, although they are based in West Cornwall, some distance away. Alternatively, you may wish to consider equipment hire from British Red Cross in return for a donation.

Should you have any further questions about the facilities provided please contact us on 0800 458 3886 or 01929 471079.